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Romanian Red


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Romanian Red is known for it's hot pungent flavor when raw and considered a more classic garlic flavor when cooked and it is a bit more complex than many varieties in the Porcelain type. When garlic is very hot in it's raw form it generally has more of the health benefits of the enzyme Allicin. In fact Romanian Red had the highest Allicin content found in a study with more than 20 garlic cultivars. Romanian Red normally has 4-5 cloves per bulb. It is believed that Romanian Red may have been one of the first Porcelain types of garlic introduced to North America (British Columbia). If you are looking for a garlic for health benefits and a zing in the raw, this is a great choice.

**Sold in 1/2lb increments ($8.00 per each 1/2 lb) Number of bulbs per 1/2 lb varies but generally is 4-6 bulbs per 1/2 lb.

Type: Hard-Neck

Category: Porcelain

Product Code: ckfrrt


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